Owls at Sainsburys West Hove

We had a great day this Saturday at Sainsbury’s West Hove with our friends from Owls Out and About.

They brought a number of different owls with them ranging in size from Tinky, a large Bengal Eagle Owl right down to Magic, a Little Owl.

All the owls were extremely well-behaved all day and many people got the chance to get up close to these beautiful birds with some people even getting the chance to hold them whilst wearing one of the special gloves that the handlers use.

In fact as you can see from this photo Centre Manager Penny Peters was one of those lucky people and she is seen here holding Willow, a Barn Owl.

Penny Peters Sussex MS Treatment Centre Manager with Willow the Barn Owl


Owls Out and About have 14 birds between them and go to a number of events around East and West Sussex throughout the year, raising public awareness about owls and helping raise money for good causes. You can find out more about Owls Out and About on their website.

Thanks again to both Owls Out and About and Sainsbury’s West Hove for a great day.


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