Wheelchair Art Project

May 4th, 2016

We are very excited to be working with Remap and The Process on the development of an accessory enabling our wheelchair users to get fully involved in creating art.

Although the product is still in development Centre user Barry has already been able to produce some art from his wheelchair using a prototype of the new equipment.

Here is some video footage provided by The Process showing how the project is coming together.

Happy Christmas

December 24th, 2015

Sussex MS Treatment Centre Happy Christmas

Wishing all our members and volunteers a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

We open again on Monday 4 January. See you then!



AOH Preview Evening

November 25th, 2015

We are very fortunate to be the chosen charity for Sainsbury’s West Hove this year and on Friday 20th Nov, as part of Brighton and Hove’s Christmas Open Houses, we held a Private View of our art exhibition in the restaurant at Sainsbury’s West Hove.  The exhibition will run for a month and Friday was a chance for invited guests and members to be the first to view the art.

Half of the artwork was made by members during our Art for All day in October and half of it was kindly donated by friends and family of The Centre.  The exhibition was beautifully hung and arranged by Hilary, who worked tirelessly to bring it about.  Somebody else who worked tirelessly was Jill who made a wonderful selection of canapes for the evening.  We felt quite the artists, enjoying the artwork and nibbling on canapes.  It really was most civilised.

We were delighted that Sara McLafferty from Remap, a charity that custom-makes adaptations for disabled people, was one of the guests.  She was able to talk with members about our current project to make a piece of equipment for wheelchairs that will act as a giant paintbrush.

Again, we had excellent support from Sainsbury’s themselves and the store manager, Mick Ingledew, was incredibly enthusiastic about the project.

In terms of selling the art, a silent auction will be held at the end of the exhibition and this will raise valuable funds for the Centre.  A couple of members have already put their bids in the box – for the same pieces of art!  Hopefully there won’t be too much in-fighting!

The exhibition runs until 13 December so do pop along and enjoy the art and a coffee in the restaurant and ease the experience of your weekly shop.

You can view the full AOH Christmas brochure here.

Describing more work to Mick at Sainsbury's West Hove

Chatter and delicious canapes - AOH preview evening

Group shot at Sussex MS Treatment Centre AOH preview evening

AOH Christmas 2015 - Sussex MS Treatment Centre Bidding box and how to bid

Needlemakers Lewes

November 9th, 2015

The other weekend Ruth Schofield was at the Needlemakers in Lewes to see the start of our turn being their charity of the year and also how all the coins in their wishing well are retrieved. Here is Ruth’s account of the day:


Have you ever wondered how they get the coins out of a wishing well? The answer, this time, is by abseiling down inside & scooping out the – somewhat muddy – coins!  You can read more about this “extraction” process on the Wealden Cave & Mining society (WCMS) website.  They kindly collect the charity money thrown into the well once a year at the Needlemakers  craft centre Old Well in West St Lewes .


For many years the well has been the collection point for a variety of charities. One chosen charity per year. Now it is our turn and until October 2016 those making a wish by throwing money into the well will be supporting the MS Centre.


On 25th October Jason Street from WCMS  descended the deep, dark, well aided by fellow society member Andy Belcher. I was very impressed by the efficient work of Andy & Jason. The money was brought up from, first, a huge bucket then a ground sheet on the very bottom of the well and emptied into more buckets. The recipient this time will now have the job of cleaning up the money & counting it. In past years several hundreds of pounds have been collected and we hope to do the same in the year ahead.


Please ensure you spread the word to friends,family &  anyone who might be visiting Lewes & ask them to go into the Needlemakers , make a  wish and donate to us. There are  also a variety of craft shops to visit & a charming cafe. The Old Well can be found on the lower level next to the delightful Revive-All  vintage shop whose proprietor, Richard, has been most helpful in saving a place for us this year.

Going down the well at Needlemakers LewesNeedlemakers well Lewes with Sussex MS treatment Centre brochures and signs



Owls at Sainsburys West Hove

September 7th, 2015

We had a great day this Saturday at Sainsbury’s West Hove with our friends from Owls Out and About.

They brought a number of different owls with them ranging in size from Tinky, a large Bengal Eagle Owl right down to Magic, a Little Owl.

All the owls were extremely well-behaved all day and many people got the chance to get up close to these beautiful birds with some people even getting the chance to hold them whilst wearing one of the special gloves that the handlers use.

In fact as you can see from this photo Centre Manager Penny Peters was one of those lucky people and she is seen here holding Willow, a Barn Owl.

Penny Peters Sussex MS Treatment Centre Manager with Willow the Barn Owl


Owls Out and About have 14 birds between them and go to a number of events around East and West Sussex throughout the year, raising public awareness about owls and helping raise money for good causes. You can find out more about Owls Out and About on their website.

Thanks again to both Owls Out and About and Sainsbury’s West Hove for a great day.


New Therapist

July 21st, 2015

Catarina Campos - Biodynamic Massage TherapyWe have a new therapist starting at the Sussex MS Treatment Centre this August. Catarina will be joining us from the middle of August and will offer our members biodynamic massage sessions on a Wednesday.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of biodynamic massage and how a session works then Catarina has provided us with an information sheet which you can read here or download.

As with all our therapies you can book a session either by phoning us or speaking to reception when you are next in the Centre.

Most Spectacular Fashion Show 25 June

May 26th, 2015

Don’t forget the Most Spectacular Fashion Show is just a month away. The event is being held on Thursday 25 June at Worthing Assembly Hall. Start time is 7.30 pm and you can still buy tickets from Worthing Box Office and various other local outlets. Contact 07710 658823 for further details.

You can download a copy of the flyer for this event here


STOP PRESS we now have the brilliant Son Guarachando performing in the interval. You can check them out on YouTube


Sclerosis Sailing

May 21st, 2015

Oceans of Hope - Sailing Sclerosis. Sussex MS Treatment CentreRobert Munns, who was recently diagnosed with MS, had the chance to sail between the Galapagos Islands with Sailing Sclerosis and has kindly agreed to tell us all about his great experiences on board.

A little about sailing sclerosis for you.

Navigating the world’s expansive oceans is still a great challenge. However, the technological evolution of boats and navigational aids as well as communicational equipment has made this kind of journey safer than ever.

We want to tell the world that disability can be changed to ability, that we will never stop trying to improve life. We want to create quality of life and value through responsibility and commitment. Sailing around the world is just that, it is hard work, commitment and dependency upon each other working as a team.

We will show everyone that we live our lives to the fullest and that dreams can come true, in spite of having a serious disease. We’ll be saying, “Yes, we can still do it!”

Between 2004 and 2010 I was skipper on board ‘ Big Smile’ extensively cruising the Mediterranean Sea. During this time i was very rarely 50 miles offshore, so the thought of being 1500 miles offshore with Oceans of Hope us both very exciting and scary!

The timing of Oceans Of Hope coming into my life was perfect. The team turned up at Brighton Marina on a fact finding visit. i was on duty as Marina Manager that day and was immediately inspired. Now, eight months after that first meeting I have just given up work to be part of Oceans Of Hope’s adventure.

I was lucky enough to be invited to join the boats circumnavigation between the Galapagos Islands and Tahiti. This was to become a 4000 Nautical Mile adventure that I would never forget.

Sailing Sclerosis has re ignited a passion for adventure and new experiences that had been quashed since my first episode and subsequent diagnosis. Life is too short to be paralysed by the uncertainty that comes with MS. Oceans of Hope has given me the inspiration and belief that anything is possible again.

Since I visited the boat in Portsmouth I have really changed my attitude to life again. It’s an opportunity for expanding outside of my comfort zone once more. Since my last year as skipper of MY Big Smile, I’ve not really been the confident Robert that I used to be. It’s been a real boost to have this goal to look forward to and plan for. For those of you reading this blog that know me, planning for things is not my strongest attribute.

Since having made my mind up last year, I have been more relaxed with life and happier to make decisions. One of these decisions was to go and get another MRI scan to see how my brain was doing. Since seeing the additional scars/lesions I realised life is far too short to waste time NOT crossing the road for fear of being knocked down. I now appreciate how paralysing this state of mind can be. It’s very simple… I can walk, I can talk, I can jump and I can swim. Most importantly, I can still swing a golf club!!!

Since having this goal of being with OoH, I’ve realised how my family and friends have watched me succeed and fail at life, love and all the other stuff too. For these highs and lows, they have always been there for me. This was most apparent when I had my attack in 2008. I do not know where I would be if they weren’t there for support, comfort, strength or just to make me laugh when I thought I could not.

Having this opportunity is amazing for me and is unbelievably timely. I have given up my job for this and have no idea where my path will lead afterwards.

So… Live the day today, tomorrow will come soon enough:  Catch the fish, cook the fish, eat the fish.

During the early stages of our journey from the Galapagos, I have been very fortunate to hear everyone’s own personal stories, not just when they were diagnosed, but how their lives have brought them to this point.

On board, without the pressure of commerce or time or personal commitments, we have had the time to listen to each other and ask questions. To learn, to be patient and empathise with others who at some point I will have to rely on.

Getting back into the swing of being on a boat is giving me great pleasure and strength. I do not want to sit around doing nothing. I want to make food for people, talk and joke with people and make my time here even more important. If this manifests as fantastic memories or simply just making the most out of every hour and going to sleep knowing that I have achieved what I could during that day, then so be it.

However, I am angry with myself. From 2008, I have not really been my whole self.  As I mentioned before, the results of inactivity are: no memories, no sleep and the awful feeling that life is no longer in my control. Like someone who has broken down on the side of the motorway in the rain, helplessly watching others whizz by, carrying on with their lives. People who still have some kind of control in their lives, going on journeys, going to work, travelling to meet loved ones etc. Looking back on it, I’ve kind of been feeling that way.

Is this time away from home the time to be angry with myself for not seeing this and not totally accepting it? Get it out of my system? Or just to put that in a box, close the lid and forget about it?

Who knows, either way it is time to properly look to a future, not to the past.

Time to dream of new dreams, not to dwell on reasons why I should not.


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Sponsored Skydive Event

August 4th, 2014

MS Centre Skydive August 2014We had a fantastic day out at the London Parachute School on Sunday 3rd August when 5 of our members, and 5 Centre supporters took to the skies for tandem skydives.

Centre members Matt Boysons,  Nigel Doodey, Caroline Payne,  Jeremy Saunders and John Wiltshire were joined by Aron Butt, Richard Sayers, and Josh Woolgar from Sainsbury’s West Hove, Sheryl Catterwell (Jeremy’s mum) and Martin Gearing.  They were all extremely brave, especially as there was a long wait before their turns in which to contemplate their fate!

Our thanks go to all of them for their courage, and for their hard work raising sponsorship, and to Martin and Rossetts of Worthing for providing the transport.

Here is a YouTube video showing part of John Wiltshire’s skydive together with some other photos of our brilliant day out.


Sussex MS Centre Skydive August 2014 - 9Sussex MS Centre Skydive August 2014 - 7Sussex MS Centre Skydive August 2014 - 3Sussex MS Centre Skydive August 2014 - 6Sussex MS Centre Skydive August 2014 - 5Sussex MS Centre Skydive August 2014 - 11Sussex MS Centre Skydive August 2014 - 8

Fashion Show Success

May 27th, 2014

The Most Spectacular Fashion Show was an event put on by volunteer fundraiser Jeannette Jones, raising money for the Sussex MS Treatment Centre. Held at the Worthing Assembly Hall on May 15th 2014. The show raised an amazing  £1809.99p for the Centre!

DSCF0471 DSCF0489 DSCF0516 DSCF0558