Wheelchair Art Project

Wheelchair adaptation

The wheelchair adaptation project began last year when one member wanted to produce a piece of work for the ‘Art for All’ exhibition. We talked about painting the wheels on his wheelchair and for him to make marks riding across some paper, printing and overlaying the tyre marks on to acetate and from those images create a mobile but this seemed to be taking the making of the physical art further and further away from the artist. Searching the internet for anything about ‘wheelchair art’, there was a clip of film which showed a chair with an attachment that dispensed paint through a funnel directly onto a canvas. We looked into whether it was something we could buy from a manufacturer. Tracking down such equipment seemed to be almost impossible as many of the tools were created across the Atlantic.


Making things possible

Remap custom-makes equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives.
Having connections with Brighton University, we were contacted by a team of 2nd year Product Design students, who also have their design collective called The Process


Starting to make things happen

The Process made a prototype which they wanted to try out with one of our members.  They met on 28th January 2016 and you can see the first work of art produced below. The students continue to work on this exciting project.


Barry's First Art Work



Video showing Prototype detail

Video of mechanism to supply painting medium